i was born human like everyone else, i eventually discovered my powers and realized that i was superhuman when i was very young. My whole family was murdered by a unknown clan and they left me alive because they thought i was the weakest, i was, but not anymore. Ever since that day, i became stronger and faster, now i have become a man of justice and heroism. Now i am the last of my clan, and i'm the only one to represent the whole Totoyomi clan, and to find the clan that who nearly rendered my clan extinct, and bring justice to those who have been denied justice.


All of you are curious by now why my last name is different from my parents, it’s because it’s my grandmother’s last name, before she married my grandpa. I used it so the assassins won’t know I’m the Hakun they didn’t kill…just letting you know now.

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You cannot fight without reason, you must fight within reason
Keiji Hakun  
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My mom, Kiara Hakun, was my mother, a warrior like my dad…beautiful, elegant, but deadly in combat. My mom and dad would spare each other and they would tie everytime, her nickname was “Black Lightning”. Why? Because she was so quick, she would move faster than lightning itself, breaking the sound barrier, she was that fast. I have lightning powers and that name has been passed on to me, and I intend to live up to that name….but I will never forget who it came from, the original “Black Lightning”.

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My dad was a samurai, his name was Keiji Hakun, he was a Japanese-American, white and Japanese. I never got to know him really, but I remember him being a great warrior and loving father. I always and will believe that because of me, he died, because he was too concerned for my safety that he let his guard down, now I carry his sword with me, and live on with the samurai legacy and my dads way.

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Ramson: What do you mean you know where Senna is?!
Loveless: I found her while I was wondering around on my own, I have Robert's memories as well, she ran away from me, like I was the ghost of her past, when I finally caught up to her, we talked and she told me this, "Because of my family, I have--"
Senna suddenly appears and finishes the line.
Senna: "--no future, only blood and the shadows I will endure."
Loveless: Senna!
Ramson hears her voice and turns to her.
Senna: Ramson...
Ramson: Senna Altair, what brings you here again, after so long?...
Senna: Ramson, I--
Ramson: After leaving me to raise my daughter alone and not seeing us.....
Senna: Ramson, I can explain--
Ramson: What can you explain that can make up for the lost time, the memories left behind? Tell me what will explain leaving your family behind? What can you--
Senna walks up to him and kisses him, shutting Ramson up.
Senna: It's because my lineage...
Ramson: Your lineage?
Senna: Yes Ramson, my family is not what they appear to be.
Ramson: What do you mean?
Senna: I had to keep this a secret from you, but this secret is the reason for my absence.
Ramson: Well, then tell me..,
Senna: I am an assassin, trained my whole life and born to be one, it's in my blood and in my genome....that is my destiny.
Ramson looks at her in silence.
Senna: You have to understand...
Senna hugs Ramson and he puts her arms around her and gently squeezes her.
Senna: I never wanted to leave guys, I love you and Aura Lee....I always will, don't forget that.
Ramson starts to sob a little.
Ramson: It was just so hard...raising her alone, explaining why her mom left....it was so hard.
Senna: I know baby....I know
She puts her hand on the back of his head and starts to sob with him, as Loveless looks at them and smiles a little and starts to walk away and Ramson stops hugging Senna and turns to Loveless as he walks away.
Ramson: Loveless! Why are you going?!
Loveless: I am going, you both know where to find me....good day.
Loveless disappears in an instant, and Ramson turns back to Senna.
Ramson: So what's going to happen now?
Senna: My family knows I'm here, they'll be here any minute.
Ramson: To do what?
Senna: To kill you....
Ramson looks at her shocked.
Ramson: What for?
Senna: You now know my secret, the code is if you tell your secret to anyone that doesn't know, you must silence them...
Ramson: That's insanity! You're my wife! I am as much part of this family as you are or any other!
Senna: Please Ramson, just go.
Ramson: No, I will prove myself to them....I will prove my worth, no matter the consequence.
Suddenly, the Altairs burst into the warehouse and the surround Senna and Ramson.
Senna: It's my family...
Othello: Senna....you know what you have done is a code that no Altair should ever break....
Senna: I know Dad, but lets be reasonable.
Desdemona: Honey, the time for be reasonable is over.
Cassio: Yeah sis, you know that.
Montano: It's time to kill the messenger.
Ramson: Hold on just a damn minute!
They all look at Ramson.
Montano: There is no time to--
Othello: Hold on son, let the man plead his case, before he meets his demise.
Senna (aside to Ramson): What are you doing?
Ramson (aside to Senna): I got this.
Ramson looks directly at Othello.
Ramson: Othello, I will go with your death sentence--
Senna looks at Ramson like he was mad.
Ramson: --on one condition...
The Altairs except Senna look at each other, and Othello looks at Ramson again.
Othello: And what condition might that be?
Ramson: ....I challenge you to a fist fight.....
Cassio starts to chuckle.
Cassio: My my, that man was gone stark raving mad.
Montano: Indeed, he's as mad as a hatter.
Othello puts up his hand and they become quiet.
Othello: Go on.
Ramson: If I lose, you can kill me, as long as you let Senna take care of our daughter....
Othello: And what if you win?...
Ramson: Then you let me become a part of your family, knowing your secret, and also my side of the family...and you let me live and Senna come back into my life and become Aura Lee's mother again.....do we have a deal?
Othello thinks about it and looks at Senna and she lightly nods to him and he looks back to Ramson.
Othello: Alright, you have a deal....Everyone, stand back.
Everyone else backs away and watches from afar, and they take their weapons and throw them aside and put up their fists. They are ready for combat and they stare each other down and circle each other.
Senna: Ramson! Be careful! My dad is a master fighter!
Suddenly, Othello runs up and swings at Ramson and he blocks it with his forearm and uppercuts Othello. Othello is surprised by how strong he is for a second and swings and sucker punches Ramson in the face, Ramson spits out some blood and is ready to fight again. Othello & Ramaon kept fighting and exchanging fists for a while and both of weakened, mostly Ramson. Both breath heavily and suddenly, Ramson runs up to Othello and kicks him in the stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs, and then jumps up and kicks Othello in the face. Othello goes down and Ramson prepares to fight again, and Othello slowly gets up and looks at Ramson, seeing his will not to give up, and realizes why Senna loves him, and stands up straight.
Othello: Ramson....I now understand why my daughter loves you....why she is behind you....
Ramson & Senna is surprised to hear that, even the Altairs.
Othello: Your will of fire, you have a light that outshines even the blackest of dark....you are the aether in the void, my daughter--
Othello spits out some blood and wipes the blood out of his face.
Othello: --my daughter made a good choice in choosing you as her husband....now come towards me, Ramson Totoyomi.
Ramson slowly walks towards Othello and Othello puts his hand on Ramaon's head.
Othello: For now until the end of time, all people bearing the last name Totoyomi, and all those families connected to the Totoyomis by marriage, should be with open arms, welcomed to the family of the Altairs, blood related or not with the secret known to them, and also kept by them.
Senna runs over to Ramson and hugs him.
Senna: You did it honey!
Ramson: Yeah.....
Ramson chuckles a little.
Ramson: I guess I did....
Ramson is very weak and so is Othello.
Cassio: We should take them to the hospital...
Desdemona: Yeah, come on honey...
Desdemona helps Othello out of the warehouse, and Senna helps Ramson out of the warehouse. It's later at the hospital and Athena, Magellan, and Aura Lee come and visit.
Ramson: Hey guys....hey baby.
Aura Lee runs over to him and sits next to him, and Athena & Mayellan walk in and close the door behind them.
Aura Lee: Dad, are you alright?
Ramson: Yeah, I'll be alright....I have to rest for a while, but I'll be alright.
Aura Lee: Dad, what were you doing that caused you to get hurt like this?!
Ramson: Well...it's complicated...
Suddenly, Senna walks in and everyone looks at her and Aura Lee looks shocked when she knows who it is, even everyone except Ramson is shocked.
Magellan: S-S-Senna?!
Athena: Senna!
Aura Lee: .....Mom?!
Senna: ...My baby.
Senna walks over and Aura Lee gets up and hugs her tightly and they start to sob, and Ramson smiles and starts to sob as well, Athena & Magellan smiles at this moment. An hour later, Ramson is laying in bed alone, because everyone went either to see Othello and the Altairs, or went out to get a drink or something to eat. Ramson suddenly gets a call on his cell phone and he answers.
Ramson: Hello...
There's no answer.
Ramson: Hello?
The Didact: Guess who it is, Ramson Totoyomi.
Ramson looks shocked.
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Aura Lee is out shopping and Ramson is at home, meditating. He's in a forest with with the ground covered with water, like an ocean. He's sitting and he stays up in this realm.
Ramson: It's been a while....Cronus.
Zero turns around with his black suit and tie with a crimson dress shirt, and grins.
Cronus: I thought you had forgotten about our little meetings every now and then...
Ramson chuckles.
Ramson: I almost did to be honest.
Cronus: Oh, I'm hurt.
Cronus says sarcastically.
Ramson: Wounded even?
Cronus: Oh shut up.
Ramson laughs.
Cronus: Ramson....
Ramson stops laughing.
Ramson: ....yeah?
Cronus: I may be like this now, but I won't be like this forever...The madness will come back, and with a vengeance, now, I'm grown to like you, but the madness will blur my memories....and possibly yours when it happens.
Ramson: Yeah, I know...
Cronus: When it does happen, be aware...it will be unpredictable.
Ramson: Yeah, but I'll be ok...the only thing I fear is for my daughter, she doesn't know about my past...about you...
Cronus: Well, tell her before it's too late...
Ramson: Don't worry Cronus, I'll take care of it...
Ramson pats Cronus on the shoulder and Aura Lee lightly shakes him and he wakes up.
Aura Lee: Dad?
Ramson turns around and looks up at Aura Lee.
Ramson: Oh hey honey.
Ramson gets up and looks at her.
Ramson: You need something?
Aura Lee: Oh yeah, someone just called the house and left a message...I just got back for the store, but you didn't hear the phone...just wanted to tell you before I take a map.
Ramson: Ok, go take your nap, I'll see to it.
Aura Lee: Ok, Dad.
Aura Lee runs upstairs and Ramson walks over to the phone and checks the messages.
Phone: Message 1, Tuesday, 2:30pm.
Suddenly, there's heavy breathing on the phone and Ramson looks confused.
The Didact: Hello Mr. Ramson Hakun, The Samurai Philosopher, Black Lightning, The Traveller has finally settled down... you may not know me, but I know you....and your pretty daughter.
Ramson looks at the phone in shock.
The Didact: I am The Didact, watch your back and you will learn the true meaning of heroism.
Phone: Message Ended, To repeat the message, press--
Ramson presses the delete message button.
Phone: Message deleted.
Ramson (in his mind): Who the hell was that, and how does he know my number and where I live?...I must prepare for the worst...
Ramson looks up.
Ramson (in his mind): Aura Lee...I can't let her get caught into this, I must do it alone, but only for her...
Ramson sighs.
Suddenly, there's knocking on the door and Ramson walks over and answers it.
Athena: Hey! how is my little brother?!
Magellan: Hey big bro.
It was Ramson's little brother and older sister, Magellan & Athena Totoyomi. Ramson smiles at their presence.
Ramson: Hey guys, come right in!
Magellan & Athena walk in and Ramson closes the door behind them.
Ramson: come and sit down, green tea?
Athena: Why not?
Magellan: Oh yeah, you bet!
They sit on the couch while Ramson pours some green tea for them and brings it to the table and puts it in front of them.
Ramson: There you go guys.
Athena: Thank you.
Magellan: Much obliged.
Ramson sits down as well.
Athena: So how are you brother?
Ramson: Pretty good...
Magellan: That's good! Now where's my niece?!
Aura Lee comes downstairs and sees both Athena and Magellan and her face lights up with joy.
Aura Lee: Uncle Magellan! Aunt Athena!
Magellan stands up and turns towards Aura Lee and open his arms.
Magellan: Princess!
Aura Lee runs to Magellan and hugs him.
Aura Lee: How are you Uncle Magellan?
Magellan: Just fine, my young princess, and that's Uncle Sinbad to you!
Magellan runs her head and ruffles up her hair and Athena stands up and hugs Aura Lee.
Athena: My, how you have grown! You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! Runs in the family you could say!
Athena laughs and so does Magellan, Aura Lee, and Ramson.
Aura Lee: Oh Aunt Athena, stop it!
Athena: Hey, just making a point!
Athena laughs more.
Ramson: Hey baby, how about you make dinner by yourself today?
Aura Lee's eyes light up.
Aura Lee: Can I really?!
Ramson: The kitchen is now your domain.
Aura Lee: Thanks father!
Aura Lee runs into the kitchen and starts to cook and Athena & Magellan sits next to Ramson on the couch.
Ramson: So why are you guys really here?
Athena & Magellan look at each other and sigh.
Athena: We got a call that someone is trying to hurt you, some person calling himself The Didact...and is watching you.
Ramson looks at them surprised.
Ramson: Who told you that?
Magellan: A man who calls himself Robert Loveless...he says he knows you from a while ago, and is trying to help you.
Ramson: Robert...Loveless?...But, he was...
Athena grabs Ramson's hand.
Athena: What is it brother?
Ramson: .....Loveless, huh?...
Magellan: Talk to us man.
Ramson: It can't be Loveless...
Magellan: Why not?
Ramson: ....because the Robert Loveless I know, is dead....
Magellan & Athena look at each other in shock.
Magellan: Dead?
Ramson: I must find out about this on my own...keep Aura Lee safe while I'm gone.
Ramson stands up and Athena grabs his sleeve.
Athena: Where are you going?
Ramson: There's a place where me and Loveless used to meet up, and talk and hang out...only me and him know where it is...
Athena pays his shoulder.
Athena: Good luck.
Magellan: Yeah, bro, good luck.
Ramson: I need all the luck I can get.
Ramson puts on his shoes and a zip up sweatjacket with a hoodie and he walks into the kitchen.
Ramson: Aura Lee, I have somewhere to go real quick...keep your aunt & uncle entertained when I'm gone.
Aura Lee: Ok, Dad.
Aura kisses Ramson on the cheek, and Ramson grabs Azrael and then walks out and closes the door and locks it behind him. Aura Lee turns to Athena & Magellan.
Aura Lee: what's up with Dad?
Athena: ....he has some old business he has to take care of.
He puts up the hood on his hoodie starts to run at lightning speed and he suddenly appears at an abandoned warehouse with lightning discharge and walks inside and opens the door and it slams behind him. He slowly walks more inside and looks around, suddenly a man wearing a hooded cloak runs at him and Ramson dodges with lightning speed and sweep kicks and then kicks the guy into a wall and grabs him.
Ramson: Who the hell are you?
Ramson takes off the hood and it's Loveless, and Ramson let's go of him and slowly backs away.
Ramson: .....Loveless....
Loveless: Ramson, it's me...it's been too long.
Loveless gets up and slowly walks towards him.
Ramson: Get away from me!!
Loveless stops in his tracks.
Loveless: Ramson, what's wrong? Don't you recognise me?
Ramson: You're not Loveless! You're an impostor!
Loveless: I am no impostor Ramson, I am the same Robert Loveless you knew.
Ramson starts to become more angry.
Loveless looks at Ramson with a serious look.
Loveless: Because...I am something that you don't want to understand...
Ramson walks up and grabs by his shirt/cloak.
Loveless pushes Ramson out of him, and takes out his Twin Bowie Knifes.
Loveless: Then I'll make you understand!
Ramson unsheahes Azrael and gets into a Kendo position.
Ramson: Bring it on!
Ramson runs at Loveless and swings Azrael at Loveless but Loveless dodges and cuts Ramson on his neck but not fatal, and he swings again and Loveless dodges again and kicks Ramson into the air and jumps after him. Ramson moves at lightning speed and kicks down at lightning speed, and is about to hit Loveless in the head, but Loveless suddenly appears above him and Ramson looks up at him.
Ramson (in his mind): How did he move so fast? I can't even move that fast.
Loveless's Twin Bowie Knifes start to glow gold, and Ramson's sword Azrael starts to let out electricity.
Loveless: By the power of light, I attack you with the power of the heavens!
Ramson: You are the darkness, and I shall purge you from the Earth!!
They clash and they whole place is covered in dust and Ramson is on his knees and is heavily breathing, Loveless is standing and walks up to Ramson.
Loveless: I am a clone, a modified clone as you could say...I am Loveless you know, but I am a copy....
Ramson: A...copy....?
Loveless: Yes, I was made to be great, but I decided to go on my own, and they surprisingly let me go, so I live a "normal" life now...but now that peace must come to a halt.
Ramson: What do you mean?
Loveless: The Didact, he wants to kill you, to make an example...
Ramson: But why me?
Loveless: That I don't know, but for now...I have your back.
Loveless lets out his hand and Ramson grabs it and helps Ramson up.
Ramson: What should we do?
Loveless: We wait, but we must keep out watch...
Ramson: Indeed...
Loveless: And Ramson....There's something I'm going to tell you that you may be shocked to know...
Ramson turns to Loveless.
Ramson: What?
Loveless: ...I know where Senna is...
Ramson looks at him surprised.
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Ramson: The human anatomy is a very interesting think about and study, it interests me greatly.

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Ramson and Aura Lee are sitting down at the table, having lunch, and Ramson looks at his watch.
Ramson: Aura, it's time to train.
Aura Lee: Yes father.
They get up and Go into the backyard, Aura Lee gets in battle position and so does Ramson.
Ramson: Here I come!!
Ramson flies at Aura with lightning speed and he appears above her and kicks down. Aura blocks it with her forearms, and grabs his leg and throws him back and he lands on his feet.
Ramson: Good job Aura!
Ramson gives her a thumbs up and smiles. Aura Lee smiles back.
Aura Lee: Thanks Dad...
Ramson: Ah! The smile of an angel!
Aura Lee start to blush, but is still smiling.
Aura Lee: Dad, you're embarrassing me...
Ramson: Sorry...
Ramson smiles and scratches the back of his head.
Ramson: Let's continue then, but now with weapons....
They get back into fighting positions, and turn out their weapons.
Aura Lee: Yes father.
Aura Lee takes out Luna & Selene (The sword is Luna and the short one is Selene), and Ramson takes out Azrael.
Ramson: Here we go Azrael, lets do this...
Aura Lee runs at Ramson and Ramson runs at her. They clash swords multiple times and Aura parties Azrael and swings with Luna, but he quickly dodges and pushes her back with his left hand. She goes back and they continue to clash swords for a long time and then they move back and are 15 feet away from each other.
Ramson: You are good Aura...you are indeed my daughter...let us clash one last time, and this time, I won't hold back and neither shall you...
Ramson smiles.
Aura Lee: Ok dad, I won't hold back...
Suddenly Ramson and Aura Lee run at top speed at each other and swing at each other, than suddenly Aura Lee suddenly turns into a lightning bolt and Ramson misses, then Aura reappears 5 feet away from Ramson on one knee. A cut appears on Ramson's face and he turns around to look at her and she stands up and turns to him and her eyes are blue, and Ramson is surprised.
Ramson (in his mind): She has surpassed even me, she will become greater than I ever could be, with a heart of temperament and justice...she can become great, I am so proud of her...
Ramson smiles and Aura Lee's eyes change back, they both stealth their weapons, and she runs over to him.
Aura Lee: Oh my god, are you ok Dad?!
Ramson smiles.
Ramson: Yeah I'm fine, it's just a scratch!
Ramson laughs.
Aura Lee: I'll get the medkit!
Aura runs off and comes back and they sit down on the stairs and she treats his wound.
Ramson: Come on Aura, I'll be fine!
Aura Lee: You can never be too careful Dad...
Ramson: Alright, I'll be content.
Ramson says smiling.
Aura Lee: Hey Dad...
Ramson: What's up?
Aura Lee: Will my mom ever come back?...
Ramson thinks about it and looks up into the sky.
Ramson: I hope baby...
Ramson hugs Aura and kisses her forehead.
Ramson: I can only hope...
They sit outside looking up into the sky.
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Aura Lee and Her Two Swords: “Luna & Selene”

Senna with Her Bow & Arrows: “Judgement”

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This is my daughter, Aura Lee (the brunette)…she is everything to me and I do everything to be a kind and loving father, I train her to protect herself and try to be there…My ex-wife/her mother Senna (the blonde) left me and her, so I have to protect the world and raise my daughter…That’s life for you, so I’m a single father and I just wanted to tell you my life since I don’t post much, I’ll tell more later…

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